If you build it….

They asked, I built it, and no one came.

It’s very dis-heartening when one spends so much time on two huge projects that so many people have asked for, and then, no one uses them.



OldIHC – Better than ever


The OldIHC website has had its share of ups and downs these past few years.  Sometimes, I think it has been more downs than ups.

Between hackers, low performance web servers, bad software and more, it just hasn’t been a whole lot of fun to maintain.

We have moved the site to GoDaddy hosting, installed new software and a lot of other things. A lot of the problems have been taken care of.  Now we only have spammers to deal with. And there sure are a lot of them.

If you were a regular member at OldIHC.org and haven’t been there for a while, I invite you to go back and take a look. One thing to note is that our forum software has change completely.  We are using a stand alone software package that will need you to get a new account on it.  Your old username and pw will not automatically work on the forums.

The forums can be found at http://oldihc.org/phpBB3/index.php

The Life and Times of OldIHC

Sometime in 1998 a few guys that were on the BinderBulletin forums expressed interest in seeing a website that was geared more towards the IH trucks and not just for Scouts.  I started oldihc on a free server, and grew it to where it is today.

With over 8,000 registered and active users, OldIHC.org is the world’s largest web site devoted to the older International Harvester trucks.  Not just Scouts, but all IH trucks.

Well, OldIHC.org is back on-line, again.  New hosting company, new server, almost new everything.
I have to admit that it has been a real pita to get it to where it is now.