DreamHost support

Wow, Dream Host got someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to WordPress sites.  Thank you Mika.

If anyone reading this has a WP site/sites and do your own support (aka no web geek on staff)  you should be following the MeetWP Community on Google+ https://plus.google.com/communities/111882074847187935925

Good information for using WP sites.

Word Press 3.5 upgrade

Word Press introduced a major upgrade with its 3.5 upgrade the other day.

The downside is that it bought to light an issue that has been haunting many WP sites for the past few years.
Over the years, we have all been trying to find the best way to protect our WP sites from being what seemed like a constant barrage of hacking. One of the programs that a LOT of us tried the was the BulletProof plug-in.  This seemed like a good program, but honestly, it did not work well enough to keep it.  Most of us removed the program.

Here is where it gets fun…..  The Word Press 3.5 upgrade started failing and causing errors all over the place as soon as it was installed on a lot of sites.  A bunch of the guys on Word Press forums reported that they found .htaccess files that were left installed laying around in a lot of directories.  Remember… we removed the BulletProof plug-in?? Removing the program did not remove the .htaccess files.  Are we having fun yet??

We have to look at each and every directory on the web site and remove unwanted .htaccess files.  For me, it took two days to get it all sorted out on all the websites.

Talk about a real PITA!

Neat Toys found on cNet!

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